Mutant Slime for Halloween Fun

Life Hacks by Devlin Brainerd Cooper

Happy Harvest Lantern Loyalists! Well my favorite time of the year is upon us. A years’ worth of hard work is ready to be harvested and stored away for the coming winter. I’m hoping for a long, cold, wet one. With all the hard work of bringing the harvest in and prepping it for storage most folks are ready for a bit of a shindig when the work is done. Here’s where your Autumn Festival, Harvest Ball or Halloween comes in.

While we thought about teaching you how to make acetylene pumpkins, by carving your Jack-o-lantern and leaving the carved pieces in place, and then inserting a small cup of Calcium Carbide which you mix with tap water to create acetylene gas, then fuse and ignite your pumpkin, we figured that was a bad idea. Then we discussed showing how to construct an air cannon, using PVC, that you could load with the hard candy of your choice and fire to help repel hordes of sugar crazed hoodlums, but that also was shot down. So we will be going with how to make slime, a great prop for any party or Halloween display.

What we will need:

1 ½ Cups of Water                                          ½ Teaspoon Borax (Detergent Booster)

5oz. Clear, Non-Toxic Children’s Glue                        Green & Yellow Food Coloring

Start by measuring out 1 cup of water and adding the ½ Teaspoon of Borax to it while stirring vigorously. In a separate bowl add the remaining ½ cup of water and dump in the whole 5oz. bottle of clear glue. Mix this well until the glue dissolves into the water. Now add 2 drops of green food coloring and 5 drops of the yellow. This will make a nice otherworldly greenish tint. Stir again until your color is even. Now add your water and Borax mixture and stir well. You should have a nice firmish blob of slime, flubber or alien goo, whatever you want to use it for. Feel free to experiment with different color combinations and enjoy. Happy Haloween!