EPA & CARB Tested Deadly Toxins On Children

According to documents recently obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request submitted by Steve Milloy, formerly of the Washington Times, the California Air Resource Board in conjunction with the Federal Environmental Protection Agency  conducted toxic experiments upon children as young as the age of ten. The EPA and CARB have both declared there is no level of safe exposure to diesel particulate fumes, yet in studies conducted at the University of Southern California (USC) and the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) children as young as ten were routinely exposed to levels as high as 60 times normal exposure. These studies conducted between 2003 and 2010 were directly funded by the EPA with tax payer funds.

David Schnare, an attorney with the Energy and Environmental Law Institute, one group that has released the documents states “Not only has EPA been caught violating the letter and spirit of virtually every national and international code, law and regulation for the protection of human subjects in medical experiments developed since World War II, they have done so in shocking style, abusing the most vulnerable people of all, children.” Researchers sprayed diesel exhaust up the noses of 20 children to see what happened to them after being exposed to the substance, a substance CARB and EPA both have claimed causes the potential of cancer and that even normal exposure could cause death.

Other documents obtained by Milloy, the informed consent forms, signed by parents of the children, show that the health risks involved in the experiments were not disclosed to the children or the parents involved. They generally advised the subjects that some temporary coughs, dry throats, and slight affects may occur. “Compounding the basic villainy of the experimentation itself,” Schnare added, “is that the USC/UCLA researchers failed to warn the parents and children how dangerous EPA and CARB had determined diesel exhaust to be. So there was no informed consent as required by law.”

Other experts point out these experiments violate the Nuremberg Code, which derived from Nazi war crime trials, and has been adopted in California and federal regulations as the Common Rule. In California, violating medical experimentation laws can result in fines and or imprisonment. The only way EPA, USC and UCLA are not guilty of illegal experimentation is if EPA and CARB have wildly exaggerated the dangers of diesel exhaust and the two regulators have been grossly misleading the public and Congress in order to issue scientifically unsupported and costly regulations.

  • Tyler Terrell

    my god. I hope the parents of these children reem them!