LaMalfa, One of Us or One of Them?

by Red Smith

Dissatisfaction with Congressman Doug LaMalfa continues to grow among many North State conservative voters. With constituents still stinging from LaMalfa’s vote to re-elect John Boehner, a vote many saw as a direct betrayal, Doug LaMalfa has now again enraged his voters by voting not once but twice for the TPA/Fast Track Bill. The Congressman himself acknowledged that it had been a busy week and that the phones had been “lit up” by callers opposed to the TPA. When asked how many calls from constituents his office received supporting the TPA the Congressman did not answer and promptly deflected to a different subject. Despite the apparent overwhelming opposition of voters LaMalfa again chose to stand the party line, rousing the ire of key voting blocks and influential political groups.

To add insult to injury for many constituents who called to voice their opposition, LaMalfa Redding staffers reportedly attempted to lobby voters out of their position and continually implied that the voters were uninformed and incapable of understanding the TPA. In speaking to several of the callers the Shasta Lantern was told by many they felt, “intimidated” and doubted their stance on the vote was being given to the Congressman. One caller informed us that they reported the behavior of the Redding staff to the Washington D.C. office only to receive a return call from the Redding office demanding to know who they were. The caller stated they felt “bullied” and a “little shaken”. In another incident a current candidate for Shasta County Board of Supervisors reported calling the Redding office to express their opposition to the TPA and being promptly hung up on, the phones then being directed to voicemail for hours afterwords. To the further disbelief and frustration of voters the Congressman seemed to double down on the attitude of his staff suggesting that constituents opposed the bill are simply misinformed or only get their information from “hysterical websites”.

The TPA, whose opposition was fearful that it represented an attack on American Sovereignty, the Constitution, a watering down of Congressional authority and an unprecedented strengthening of executive control (RE: Whats-really-in-the-TPA?), passed twice,with LaMalfa supporting, in the span of a week. One of the major issues many seem to take with LaMalfa’s support for the Bill is that in his arguments defending his vote he does not once refer to any actual language in the TPA but defends his stance with talking points and email propaganda. Opponents of the TPA often have referred to and quoted specific language in the TPA to advance their arguments. When asked if the Congressman had read the TPA he stopped short at saying yes and deflected with a non committal “my staff and I weeded through it last week”.

LaMalfa’s failure to listen to constituents and his dismissive attitude towards their concerns have begun to foster a distrust among once loyal supporters and strengthened the misgivings of others. Some have even begun to question the Congressman’s true loyalties and motives and considering that LaMalfa received more than $315,000.00 in campaign contributions from groups demanding passage of the TPA they may be right to wonder.  Others have commented on the TPA and it’s favorable treatment of Agriculture. Specifically the TPA declares:

(3) TRADE IN AGRICULTURE.—The principal negotiating objective of the United States with respect to agriculture is to obtain competitive opportunities for United States exports of agricultural commodities in foreign markets substantially equivalent to the competitive opportunities afforded foreign exports in United States markets and to achieve fairer and more open conditions of trade in bulk [i.e. Rice], specialty crop [i.e. Almonds], and value added commodities [i.e. Grain Based Dog Food]. Let it be up to you to decide whether our Congressman has an interest in selling bulk rice crops to Asia and if that interest could influence his vote.No matter what, there is no denying a growing discontent with the Congressman leading some to already promise to oppose him in the next election cycle.















  • Walter

    To my conservative friends, Doug LaMalfa, betrayed you. Members of the House were threatened by John
    Boehner if they didn’t return him to the Speakers job. LaMalfa, along with Nancy Pelosi, will vote for the old guard in true regimental fashion.
    So, LaMalfa once again, genuflects before
    Boehner and kisses his ring; dispelling any hope of statesman like credibility.
    Republicans in name only (RINO’s) were told they would not receive pork money
    for their District. Also, any future
    campaign monies for their own races would be cut by the “Party”; if they didn’t
    march with Boehner. Rino’s screwed their
    conservative base for pork. A note for Mr.
    LaMalfa, conservatives are not forgetful, nor ignorant. There are more
    qualified candidates in our future.

    Here is what happened in Washington DC. To appease the Tea Party populace, Boehner
    allowed the vote to go as far as it did, just enough lost votes to appease Tea
    Party conservatives. They allowed members in some districts to abstain and
    others to vote against the Boehner; but not enough to remove him as Speaker.
    The establishment RHINO Republicans in the GOP still run the shop. The sad news
    from all this; there aren’t enough honest conservatives to face up to the
    Executive Branch. Let’s hope the remaining Tea Party Conservatives in congress will
    stand their ground.

    LaMalfa’s betrayal of his constituency will not be forgotten. When he failed to help Eastern Plumas
    Hospital, I thought that might be an accident by his staff. His vote for Boehner, was no accident.

    I have
    accused Doug LaMalfa of questionable leadership. I could have said he had no business being in
    public office or that he is a weak, arrogant, self-serving buffoon who hasn’t
    lived up to the high standards of public leadership. For that slip of the tongue I am truly sorry.